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This image has always fascinated me. It is of course the enititiy 'Lam' which wicked man extraordinaire Aleister Crowley claimed to have summoned in the early twentieth century. He had apparently contacted this entity through a series of magical rites entitled the Almantrah Working. One of the reasons that this image has fascinated me is the uncanny resemblance it bears to another fairly striking drawing of another Entity that was encountered by a man some 60 odd years after LAM.

This is the face of the female entity that Sci-fi writer/Alien Abductee Whitley Strieber claimed to have encountered in his best selling Communion. As has been pointed out by others long before me, you can't help but see a resemblance. Very strange indeed. But I guess thats the world of the Fortean for you. I will leave you with these photos to look over for now.

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