Circulation Of The Body Of Light

Circulation Of The Body Of Light Cover
1- Do Relaxation Ritual, LBRP, and the Middle Pillar Ritual, but do not have the Middle Pillar vanish.

2- Visualize Keter sending current of energy down into your head and to the left shoulder. Let it go down the left side of your body and up your right, back to Keter. When you exhale, feel the energy going down your left side, inhale, then feel it go up your right side. Move the energy with your breath for six to ten cycles. You may expand or contract the energy.

3- Now direct the energy so that as you exhale, it goes down your front. Inhale, and it goes up your back to Keter.

4- Re-visualize the Middle Pillar and focus on Mahl-Koot. Visualize the energy spiraling from your right foot, up around your left leg, and so on, until it reaches Keter. There, it explodes and falls back to Mahl-Koot, and begins again. Inhale, rise, exhale, and explode. You should do six to then cycles of this. After you finish your cycles, take a deep breath and see it disappear, but know that it is still there. Finish by doing the Tarot Contemplation Ritual.

Suggested ebooks:

Aleister Crowley - Skill Of The Adoption Of The Godly Forms
Frater Achad - The Anatomy Of The Body Of God

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