A Little More About Spells

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The secret to casting spells that work lies in the ancient grimoires and the magickal correspondences that were devised by the ancients for the highest magickal work. Ancient Hebrew, Egyptian, Chaldean, Zoroastorian and Babylonian magicians understood the tumultuous power contained within the natural world and they held the keys necessary to access this power. The greatest grimoire of all time - the Key of Solomon contains the magical correspondences required to draw on the power manifest in nature - this power was used by ancient magicians to alter the reality of existence. The most ancient of all grimoires - the Emerald Table of Hermes Trismegistus was also said to contain the secret to enacting change in the real world via humanities connection with the cosmos and the higher powers. It is these ancient grimoires that contain the secrets to casting spells that work.

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