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Aleister Crowley released all of his A.A. material to the world. The information was never meant to remain hidden. He did this for one major reason. He believed that if a person never had the opportunity to meet someone within the Order, they could, in theory, do the practices and make the connections themselves to the current which animates the Order. The only requirement being, "success is thy proof."

Only one of the many independent lineages shall be mentioned because it is somehow connected to the new 'Caliphate'.

In 1981, Michael D. Eschner, a re-incarnation of Aleister Crowley, founded the A.A. in Berlin, Germany. Towards the end of that year, Marcus M. Jungkurth became a Neophyte and in autumn 1982 he reached the grade of Zelator and worked as a "2. Vorsitzender" for the incorporated version of this A.A.. At one time, he had contacted a lawyer re the question of copyrights and eventually 'translated' 15 of Crowley's books into German (several people think he simply copied Metzger's earlier translations) which still can be bought in every occult bookstore. In Summer 1983, Jungkurth moved into the Abbey Thelema in Berlin where he led a group of candidates. Today, members recall that his appearance was like a "mystic" which was very attractive for newcomers.
But one day in Autumn 1983, Jungkurth had vanished overnight.
Eventually, Eschner (like H.J. Metzger in the early 1970s) became the focus of the media as members filed suit against him. Jungkurth then served as a loyal witness for Eschner and his testimony proved very positive for him. Nevertheless, in 1987, the Court found Eschner guilty.

In the meantime, Jungkurth became a member of the 'Caliphate' on 18 July 1987. He moved rapidly upwards and is currently a IX°. Since David Scriven's wife, Helena, resigned in 1999, Jungkurth is now the Secretary General. As he had inherited some money at the end of the 80s (his father had been a general in the German army) and is working for a large chemistry firm, his public appearance is serious, which is considered perfect for membership fishing.

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