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We've all seen in the movies where the desperate girl goes to the witch or the sorceress and asks her for a love potion to make the man she loves fall for her...

Is it right to do? Would you do it? Who does it harm? Who ends up getting hurt?

Love magick is an interesting, problematic and debatable subject. These are my thoughts:

If you were to use a love spell or potion to draw a specific person to you then surely you are manipulating that person? Making them do something that is against their own free will? And that goes against the witches rede "do what you will, but harm to none".

Personally before I undertake a love spell, or indeed any spell come to that I ask myself does this fall in line with the rede?

Questions for you - What is my intent in performing this work? Is this spell influenced by anger, hatred, lust, greed, jealousy or envy?

If your answer is yes, then if you follow the rede you must (said in a loud boomy voice)...'step away from the spell'.

A true witch that follows the rede would not use manipulative magick to negatively influence another person for their own personal gain. One of the main ideals of this path is to live in harmony and balance with the natural rhythms of life, not to manipulate them for selfish ends.

If you proceed with the spell regardless of the rede, then you are playing with the forces of the threefold law and erring on the side of dark magick - on your own head be it!

Once you have created and released this energy, it will acquire life, form and substance. It will run it's course, and the final outcome through the laws of cause and effect may not be what you wanted. The potential for great harm to both yourself and others is very evident in such a working.

I will re-iterate these are my views on the subject, others may think differently. But for me? It ain't worth it!

Who would want a lover that was brought to you falsely anyway?

However, on the positive side of love magick - I do believe in helping the universe to provide love in your life.

A love spell or working to bring love generally into your life

To bring happiness and harmony to a relationship you already have

To offer out to the universe a 'shopping list' of characteristics you would like a new partner to have

All fine, none of those go against the rede or play dangerously with the threefold law. Those intents are all put out there for the universe to deal with, and don't target a specific persons free will.

With Valentines Day coming up - bring some love into your life!



All images are taken from Kitchen Witch website

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