The Star And The Garter

The Star And The Garter Cover

Book: The Star And The Garter by Aleister Crowley

Mr. Aleister Crowley's volumes succeed one another with a rapidity that almost takes one's breath away. The Star and the Garter, hitherto only accessible in a privately printed edition, is now offered to the public at the low price of one shilling. The Society for the Propagation of Religious Truth has assuredly no connection with the S.P.C.K. or kindred bodies; but, whatever its aims may be, it may be congratulated on the format of its publications. But more than wide margins and bold type are needed to make The Star and the Garter understanded of the people, which, like much of the author's verse, is symbolical and introspective. In form it bears outward semblance to Tennyson's Maud, but in spirit it is akin to the Poems and Ballads of Mr. Swinburne.

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