Aleister Crowley And Heavy Metal Rockers

Aleister Crowley And Heavy Metal Rockers Cover Numerous heavy metal rockers have incorporated Crowley in their lyrics, though their interpretations more often follow the tabloid "Satanist" image of Crowley and not his actual writings. Such lyrics dwell on Crowley's sometime use of Christian eschatological imagery such as the number 666.

* Ozzy Osbourne in his solo album Blizzard of Ozz released the song Mr. Crowley which was about Crowley's struggles and beliefs.
* Ministry have also referred to Crowley in lyrics.
* Legendary British heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, also made references to Crowley in many of their songs (most obviously "Moonchild", on the "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" album); Bruce Dickinson, their lead singer, who is an ardent follower of mystical teachings, also frequently refers to Crowley's work in his solo projects.
* Bruce Dickinson's Man of Sorrows song from the Accident Of Birth album, is also about Crowley.
* Swiss black metal / thrash metal pioneers Celtic Frost released a (now classic) album named "To Mega Therion". This title was possibly a reference to Crowley's bombastic self-naming.
* The German power metal band Edguy has a song, "Out of Control", which refers to Crowley by name.

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