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Book: The Holy Books Of Thelema by Aleister Crowley

"The Holy Books of Thelema" contain some of the most beautiful, insightful prose I have ever read...comparable to the writings of the ancient gnostics or the poetry of William Blake. This Book, as well as the writings of Crowley in general are highly recommended, especially "The Book of the Law", "The Book of Lies", "The Confessions of Aleister Crowley", and "The Vision and the Voice. For comparable writings...see "The Nag Hammadi Library", Carl Jung's "Seven Sermons to the Dead", and "The Holy Fire of St. Michael" by Richard Michael Willoughby.

The Holy books of Thelema stand quite apart from the technical works Crowley wrote throughout his life. They were "received" or channeled if you will, rather than developed by Crowley's ego (by which I mean his mortal psyche). Every Liber is a gem, proving to anyone who reads them with an open mind that Crowley was a true prophet. Within you will find not only the Book of the Law, but the Liber Lapis Lazuli and the Book of the Heart Gird Round by the Serpent. The latter is a spiritual masterpiece equal to Liber AL. I reccomend that the Holy Books be read slowly, perhaps a passage at a time. That way, they'll sink in.

Aleister Crowley never surpassed his own Thelemic "holy books," about which he was uncharacteristically silent, especially the Book of the Heart Girt about by the Serpent and the Book of the Freed or the Blue Stone, which are as beautiful and profound as the greatest spiritual literature of any time or people. Many will find some sections, especially the Book of the Law, disturbing, but closer scrutiny will reveal a deep penetration of many difficult Spiritual questions which are not satisfactorily resolved in many other religions, and a keen and penetrating insight into the brutalities of the 21st century, which mark the necessary Next Step in a transition to a new and a greater civilization. Now the Holy Books need to be reissued in a truly critical edition, with alternative readings, footnotes, appendices explaining all of the allusions, and a comprehensive book, chapter, and verse index.

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