How To Use Magick With A Straight Face 3 What Magick Is

How To Use Magick With A Straight Face 3 What Magick Is Cover
Magick is a way of using your Power. More technically, magick is the process of non-physically affecting your environment through messages consciously impressed on the subconscious with a system of symbols. (This will become clear later.) This is the broadest definition and it can include such things as prayer, meditation, chanting, positive thinking, subliminal tapes, programming and hypnotism.

Some think that magick is unnatural and evil. It is no more evil than any tool. A knife, for instance, is "good" or "evil" depending on its use. It can be invaluable in many beneficial projects, yet it can also harm. Nothing is immune to misuse. People even try to use prayer against others. Such potential is not a reason for fear, but for respect. The idea that magick is unnatural is a modern misconception. Magic has only recently come to mean Hollywood special effects or pulling rabbits from hats. It is often spelled magick in order to distinguish it from this new meaning. For millennia magick has been a path to enlightenment and self mastery or just plain getting what you want. It is nothing supernatural. Magick uses natural powers and the natural flow of the universe to bring about the changes you desire. We are so immersed in magick that, like still air, we are unaware of it. We all use this power without thought, like breathing. Magick is using these powers with awareness.

Magick involves placing a message of your choosing into your subconscious. This is all that is necessary to achieve any goal. The power of the subconscious is awesome. When you unite it with your conscious will, you can do anything you want. Remove the internal barriers and the external barriers melt away. Oriental philosophy would call this "following the Tao." Achieving this is the challenge of magick.

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