A Film About Aleister Crowley

A Film About Aleister Crowley Cover he Chemical Wedding is a film about Aleister Crowley co-written by Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson and the film’s director Julian Doyle.

Simon Callow plays Professor Haddo, a Cambridge professor who “becomes” Aleister Crowley.

Crowley’s spirit is re-animated by a superconductor mainframe, transforming the shy and stuttering Professor Haddo (Callow) into the charismatic but sexually depraved Crowley who wreaks havoc with the students and faculty of today’s Cambridge campus. - BruceFans.com, “Chemical Wedding Movie Poster Unveiled”

John Shrapnel plays Aleister Crowley. Also starring in the film is Kal Weber as Dr Mathers and Geoff Breton as John Symonds.

The official trailer for The Chemical Wedding was released yesterday and is available on YouTube. The film opens May 2008.

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