Thelema A Modern Religion For Modern Times

Thelema A Modern Religion For Modern Times Cover Thelema is a modern religion, started in 1904, by the much-maligned Aleister Crowley. As a result of his association to Thelema, it is also much-maligned and misunderstood by many. This is my attempt to give a basic rundown of Thelema as well as some starting points for more information.

Since Thelema values the individual's free will and choices, this is not an attempt to convert, which would be useless. It is instead an attempt to explain a misunderstood religion and to offer the individual access to information to gain further information, if they so desire. Also, Thelema is open to personal interpretation, so my interpretation of Thelema will vary from another thelemite's interpretation. So, I have attempted to keep this very basic so as to not run too much into controversial areas.

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