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Book: The General Principles Of Astrology by Aleister Crowley

This first full-scale reconstruction of his essential text has waited 85 years to appear as he originally intended it. This new tome from notorious occultist Crowley was originally two books with Evangeline Adams as its author. According to the introduction by H. Beta, Crowley was in New York for sometime and met with Adams whom they were to write a book on astrology together. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Adams took the material that Crowley wrote, reworked, omitted and added her own material and eventually became an authority on the subject. The two books by Adams, "Your Place in the Sun" and "Your Place Among the Stars" (written 1927 and 1930 respectively) are essentially the works of Aleister Crowley. This edition by Samuel Weiser brings back Crowley's original writings in their original form and in one book. In a similar format as magick Book 4, 'The General Principles of Astrology' is bound in a nice maroon hardcover cloth book with a sigil embossed on the cloth cover in metallic gold (looks like a modified Mercury symbol). Crowley's writing at many times is elusive even for the most astute occultist, however, as in Magick 4, he is making great efforts to be clear to a larger audience. The text was written in 1915 before the discovery of Pluto, so for some astrologers that may be your only set back.

In my opinion and from what I know of Crowley, the work is largely unfinished, however, what is presented is entirely a workable system. Crowley probably had the least amount of faith in astrology as a science among all the occult arts, but because he was so verse in many subjects, he is not one to let it be unexplored. Astrology seems as vast a subject as Kabbalah, as so much is written about it, that it seems that no one person can legitimately claim authority. My preference is Alan Leo's work even though much of his work is before Pluto as well. Crowley stands as a modern authority on much occult work that this was a book I could trust in giving a clear exposition on the subject.

The book is broken up similarly to the many astrology books out there on the market today. Beginning general aspects of the houses, different signs to be aware of and their meanings and a correspondence with his tarot deck. Then a discourse on the meanings of the planets, rising signs, sun signs with each of their attributes and characteristics. After a large section taken up by each planey in a sign, he ends with 100 or so famous people and their horoscopes. So in my opinion, Crowley could have easily enlarged this already big work (596 pages!). In sum, the book is well presented and will look sharp on any bookshelf, and for any serious astrologer to consider this excellent entry into the large world of the study of the astros.

Long before there was Linda Goodman, long before astrology bestsellers turned up in supermarkets, there was Aleister Crowley, the most important astrological scholar and authority of the early 20th century. Ghostwriting for Evangeline Adams, it was Crowley who wrote the vast majority of her classic textbooks, Astrology: Your Place in the Sun (1927) and Astrology: Your Place Among the Stars (1930). General Principles of Astrology finally acknowledges Crowley’s authorship.

Crowley’s goal was to abandon traditional assumptions, so he based his findings on actual charts and how they were expressed in people’s lives. In his characteristically clear and elegant prose, Crowley discusses each planet from a scientific and mythological point of view. He provides an exhaustive analysis of astrological types, drawing conclusions for over 180 astrological nativities of well-known artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, politicians, and business leaders from the 18th to the 20th century.

This new book is composed of painstakingly gathered work, primarily ghostwritten by Crowley, and published in various early twentieth-century texts. It is published here in one volume for the first time, in an undertaking endorsed by both the Adams and Crowley estates.

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