Thelemic Gardening

Thelemic Gardening Cover When I see spring springing,
I do not see sweetness and lite,
and certainly nothing peaceful.

There are the conquering hordes,
pushing up Through great cracks,
driving ruthlessly to the light,
pillaging every Resource in reach.

These green mongols, who are
as much jihadists of the LIGHT,
make the human ants who mimic them
seem like rank diffident amateurs.

And yet against these thick armies
the wind breaks their supple ranks,
the waters drown them in rapid nourishment,
the sun which they seek burns them.

This is nothing if not all-out absolute WAR!

Mars is the symbol of spring, the breaker of
deadly winter; for it takes war and the ethics
of warriors to stir peaceful Nature back to life.

Open your legs harlot goddess, and be raped
by your Children! And little flowers and bees
will mask your writhing incests with lying
costumes of peace, love and harmony.

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Aubrey Bell - The Magic Of Spain
Solomonic Grimoires - The Magic Of Armadel
Michael Sharp - The Great Awakening

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