Individual Scarlet Women

Individual Scarlet Women Cover Aleister Crowley believed that many of his lovers and magical companions were playing a cosmic role, even to the point of fulfilling prophesy. The following is a list of women that he considered to have been (or might have been) Scarlet Women (quotes are from The Law is for All):

* Rose Edith Crowley , Crowley's first wife. —Put me in touch with Aiwas; see Equinox 1, 7, "The Temple of Solomon the King." Failed as elsewhere is on record.
* Mary d'Este Sturges . —Put me in touch with Abuldiz; hence helped with Book 4. Failed from personal jealousies.
* Jeanne Robert Foster . —Bore the "child" to whom this Book refers later. Failed from respectability.
* Roddie Minor —Brought me in touch with Amalantrah. Failed from indifference to the Work.
* Marie Rohling . —Helped to inspire Liber CXI. Failed from indecision.
* Bertha Almira Prykryl . —Delayed assumption of duties, hence made way for No. 7.
* Leah Hirsig —Assisted me in actual initiation; still at my side, An XVII, Sol in Sagittarius.
* Leila Waddell -- Laylah, Crowley's muse and inspiration during the writing of The Book of Lies and for years afterwards.

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