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Sad Naschira- Spirit of the Sun.

The day prior I began preparing myself by making sure my elemental balance was as perfect as possible. Sun spirits can be quite disruptive to your energy system and so I wanted to make sure I would be alright afterwards. Also I knew this was going to be a long evocation because I wanted to be taught the cosmic letters from Sad Naschira's point of view. I prepared a little mini-book so I could quickly write down what he gave me. I reinforced my aura and made sure I spent several extra minutes meditating on the four divine virtues. I then loaded the room and my being with as much light energy as my imagination could muster. I spoke the cosmic letters in the planes as described previously after drawing Sad Naschira's sigil into the air three dimensionally (using my spirit-soul and body). I then re-loaded my aura with light energy and then projected my mind towards Sad Naschira's and called out to him through the aspect of omniconsciousness. With either the light substance I made or the fact that the moon was exceptionally large that night I literally felt the light of this spirit on my face and body. Later my wife even remarks that I looked as if I had a slight sun burn. The spirit greets me and I him and we begin.

J= Bardon mentions you created the arch-symbols in the primary language. What does this mean?

S= I crafted the primal symbols by using the cosmic letters. These are the symbols that manifest in all religions and systems that inspire the best within. I have encoded divine truth in all manifest symbols in order to create a higher evolution in mankind.

J=He also mentions that you are the Helmsman of all original ideas that have become reality, what are the original ideas and how do you work with them?

S= I cannot speak of all of the ideas for this would fill several books. However I work with the primary ideas of Power and Love-Father and Mother or as you know them the plus and minus, I use these two forces in various forms blended 1000 ways to inspire mankind. I make powers from beyond the spheres comprenhensible to man so they may be worked with. As time marches forward more powers become active and I craft new symbols to inspire that age to understand the true divine nature of the ALL.

J=Bardon gives your name as Selhube, but it was discovered the spirits of the Sun sphere had their names placed in a cipher.

S= Sad Nashira ( Sad as in the emotion and Na-sh-ear-Ah) is my name. The sigil is all one requires though.

**It is at this point I can feel his powerful waves of light entering through my protective aura. Slowly burning away my shield that I have built up-he does not do this in a cruel way, it is just his inherent power. However, I know I can handle a good deal more from working with other spirits like this such as Ratziel and Metatron. So, I continue- knowing the clock has begun to tick. We then spend the next 45 minutes going over the cosmic letters. He shows me the exact symbolism within each and how to best call them forth. He also initiates me into a whole new level of Tattva magic I had no conception of as well as the cosmic letters. He even teaches me a deeper level of the electric and magnetic fluids. This spirit is a fantastic teacher, one that can be compared to a founder of some new school who really wants students to learn for the pure love of the information. He gladly shares whatever you are ready for. I can highly recommend this spirit for anyone prepared to handle his energies which are quite intense! If you need to understand occult symbolism and the true powers behind these symbols this is definitely the spirit to conjure and learn from.

At the end of the evocation I knew I had no more will left to hold his energy back AND meditate on his inner and outer aura. Already his light waves were burning into my mental and astral bodies as if I had been in the afternoon sun with no sunscreen or cloud cover. Also, the connection was getting quite garbled up. I had just enough will to thank him and return him to his sphere. I banished the energy in the room but it was still luminous on the astral near my mirror so I banished again. I then collapsed on my bed and used every ritual anchor and glyph I had to bring me back to a baseline. It took a few minutes but I got back to normal. I then left the room grabbed a cold Coke and my cigarettes. That's when my wife mentioned I looked sunburnt. I enjoyed the cool air outside and my cold Coke until I stopped having the little nervous energy shakes. I then had some chocolate and got online for a bit. It took a while before the energy was all normal through my system and when I went to bed I loaded my four regions with the elements to bring balance. I woke up a little grouchy the next day but I feel it was well worth th knowledge and power gained in trade.

Here is the image of Sad Naschira:

We now move into the sphere of Mars. Great mystery lies here since Bardon did not post sigils or powers related to these spirits. I am going to go through the names using Kabbalah and try to find one of interest.

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