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Originally uploaded by when milko shoots. JUST ONE QUALITY of the Buddha has to be remembered. He consists only of one quality: witnessing.

This small word witnessing contains the whole of spirituality. Witness that you are not the body. Witness that you are not the mind. Witness that you are only a witness. As the witnessing deepens, you start becoming drunk with the divine. That is what is called ecstasy.

- Osho

:: on the same note, when a Muslim utter the sacred formula, "La ilaha Ila-Allah", "there is no god but the Oneness"; and in deeper meaning, "there is no other reality but the Real" - he or she also do the same : witnessing the Truth, the Essential Reality. The Sufis, the Enlightened, the Mystics not only witness on the words but they witness on the Inner Reality. They transcend the words, reach beyond and witness.

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