Aleister Crowley Is Still Misunderstood

Aleister Crowley Is Still Misunderstood Cover Reading many thelemic Articles and books, i think, it would seem Mr. Crowley is still as misunderstood as he ever was. First off and unlike many progenitors of new spiritual thought, Crowley resisted being the static guru and never went the way of many cult leaders who grew fat off the worship from others, always pointing the way forward to that inner teacher he called the Holy Guardian Angel. Second he left, useful, practical information on preliminary occult practices such as directions on early rituals and step by step yoga instructions. Third, many of his writings include almost controversial but essential axioms of wisdom on what to do or not to do, for example his exhortation for young tarot readers not to do readings on themselves seems to be largely ignored today, but is probably one of the wisest statements you could make on the practice. And if not last in its entirety, certainly last here, his exhortation when using any of his exercises or occult practices not to assign external validity to what you experience (basically not assigning labels) seems to be something missed not only by those who follow his teachings but by those totally skeptical of them as well. As always all he often said was do these things, results will follow, keep track of them.

So it's no wonder he's considered a wicked man or some sort of harmless kook or even some sort of advanced spiritual teacher of the age, any of which is a prism he can be viewed through. I think this leaves him remarkably human in the end and perhaps is what separates him the most from other would be spiritual writers. And it seems to the very end he stuck to his guns, despite a heroin addiction, a spent fortune, a dispersed family and on the other hand a legacy of writings seekers still pore over, one of the most beautiful and artistic tarot decks ever created and about 3,000 death and black metal bands who missed the dartboard by a mile.

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