Concerning Crowley Later Years

Concerning Crowley Later Years Cover Anecdotes concerning Crowley's later years in Netherwood don't say much about the man apart from the rarely acknowledged truth that Crowley could play the part of the English gentleman and could come across as extremely charming and entertaining when it suited him.

Crowley Sr was a wealthy brewer and young Al attended the type of upper crust establishments - Oxbridge included - where he acquired the flash and panache of the young upper class English gent.

The caricature of Crowley repeated in the comments on this thread - Satanist, drug fied etc - is a tabloid press/comic-book legend that plays to the need for larger-than-life villains, especially those with 'occult' associations.

Crowley wasn't a Satanist and has said as much and more in his writings. With reference to black magic he said "I despise the thing to such an extent that I can hardly believe in the existence of people so debased and idiotic as to practice it."

He was engaged in the revival of an ancient current associated with the Egyptian/Sumerian traditions. To equate this with the 'Satan' of the Bible is a mistake. Christians often incorrectly infer that a person with an unconventional lifestyle who engages in magic must therefore be Satanic in the 'inverse-Christian' sense. Flawed logic at best.

Crowley was an original and exceptionally talented. His practical system of magic(k) works, whether or not you agree with magic or even the premise.

He adapted Kabbalistic material to suit contemporary needs. His book "777" was written before he turned 40 and is one of the best collections of Qabalistic (western-style Kabbalah) Texts around.

Maybe not so hot as poet, but still engaging and at times rather humorous. His claim to be a better poet than W.B. Yeats (also a Golden Dawn initiate) was definitely a stretch.

The discussion of AC's human side in the lead post is a pleasant change from the usual. Its about time Crowley was appreciated in a less sensational light.

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