Performing Samyama Meditation On The Pole Star

Performing Samyama Meditation On The Pole Star Image
The KNOWLEDGE OF THE MOVEMENT OF STARS AND PLANETS is one of the many siddhis (spiritual powers) described in the Vibhuti Pada (Book III) of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Why is this knowledge so important for people in the past? The explanation is provided in my article about the Law of Correspondence, but here's a summary: everything in the Universe is simultaneously a whole and a part; comparable cycles and patterns can be observed from the largest galactic clusters down to the smallest unit of matter - the atom; and the understanding of the fundamental laws that govern these manifestations of energy enables one to acquire knowledge of the mind and reality.


"Dhruve tad-gati-jnanam"


1. (By performing Samyama) on the pole-star knowledge of their movements. - I.K. Taimni, The Science Of Yoga

2. Focusing with perfect discipline on the polestar yields insight about their movements. - Chip Hartranft, The Yoga-S^utra of Pata~njali: Sanskrit-English Translation ">ATTAINMENT OF KNOWLEDGE OF THE MOVEMENT OF STARS AND PLANETS

According to the writings in Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata Purana, there was a young devotee of Vishnu (a Hindu deity) who was blessed with eternal existence as the pole star. The young devotee's name was Dhruva. Devotees of the Lord Vishnu may spontaneously acquire this spiritual power through years of performing Bhakti yoga, but if you're not into worshipping deities, then knowledge of the movement of stars and planets can be attained by performing Samyama Meditation on the Pole star. Gazing steadily on the vision of a single point or object, preferably a luminous one, is called Trataka (see Visualization Technique).

Note: To better understand how Indian yogis and other masters of ancient wisdom attain knowledge of the movement of stars and planets and to see the full list of spiritual powers described in the Yoga Sutras, please refer to my main article about Spiritual Power.

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