Aliester Crowley Legacy

Aliester Crowley Legacy Cover Crowley could have been successful. He was born into a wealthy family, attended private schools and took some college courses. He showed some promise as a writer and might have become a great one had he focused and honed his talents. Many of his occult writings are bizarre. Many surmise that he chose the way of the sociopath. He was charming and ingratiating toward others so he could exploit them, then treated them like trash when he got what he wanted, driving some to ruin or suicide.

Crowley was grandiose and had a strong sense of entitlement, hallmarks of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He still has followers, some of whom admit that he wasn’t a benevolent person. Was he a sociopath, schizophrenic or both, with a touch of narcissism? This is a subject of ongoing debate. At best, Crowley is an interesting psychological study.

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