Bruce Dickinson To Make Aleister Crowley Movie

Bruce Dickinson To Make Aleister Crowley Movie Cover ccording to U.K.-based music journalist Dave Ling, IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson's film about occult legend Aleister Crowley (infamous as "the wickedest man in the world") will shortly go into production, with Simon Callow of "Amadeus", "Shakespeare in Love" and, appropriately, "The Phantom of the Opera" A— set for the title role. "Dickinson has spent 12 years working on this project, and is understandably thrilled to get it moving at last," says Ling.

The movie is reportedly about a professor in an English university, who, after a failed experiment, becomes obsessed with Crowley's soul. Crowley himself was very much into red-haired women, and the professor becomes enchanted by a very beautiful, red-haired student.

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