The Cycle Of The Horned God Initiation Ends

The Cycle Of The Horned God Initiation Ends Cover
One of my Tarot clients was an interesting Goth girl from New England. I was telling her how much I missed like minded friends, and she told me about Tteadwells Bookshop. There I would be able to reconnect with the only people I felt I had anything in common with: Magical People and Artists.

It was late 2004, when I started going to talks there. There are so many interesting people speaking at Treadwells. The first talk I attended was with Caroline Wise. She was discussing the Deer Goddess Elen of the Ways. This Goddess, with her antlers and woodland aspect, was very resonant with me. Through the discussion, I gained many insights that brought me back in touch with myself. It was no accident that Elen of the Ways, or the woodland track, led me out of the darkness into which I had been plunged by the Horned God seven years before. Her’s was the feminine end of the cycle of Initiation I had undergone with the masculine Stag God, Cernunnos.

Elen means Light. In the case of this Woodland Goddess, it is the gentle light that filters through the trees. My time of endarkenment was over…one would think.

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