Meditation Of Healing And Radiating Love

Meditation Of Healing And Radiating Love Cover
This meditation can be used for Angelic healing. I am practicing this meditation for all the people who are in need of wellbeing. You are welcome to use it. Let us send love and light to all those in need.

Begin by visualizing a sparkling celestial white light in front of you, breathing in and out, as you breathe in this angelic white light, feel the angelic light energy expanding and surrounding you. You feel a peaceful relaxing energy and as you continue to breathe gently you see the angelic light expansion is ever increasing within and around your body.

Now speak from your heart, and make your intention known to God, the Angels, and the Archangels: we call upon the Archangel Raphael and all the Angels of healing to work with people who are in need of wellness. We call on Archangels, the Angels, and Angelic hosts of white light to assist us and provide love to all minds, and hearts, and where physical healing is required now. (Visualize all people in Haiti).

You notice a large quartz crystal above your head, from this crystal a beam of white divine light slowly descends into your heart filling you with beautiful green emerald light. As the light fills all your heart you now see the Archangel Raphael’s emerald light radiating from your heart sending its beams of healing love towards all those who are in need. See the healing green and white lights swirling outwardly, radiating toward others. Visualize and see all survivors, adults and children, being showered with the white light and their hearts blessed with the healing and loving emerald light, you see that all healers, doctors, service workers and all individuals are being blessed with the white light and are supported with strength, power and angelic guidance to provide support and healing.

We pray and send healing light to all souls that have passed on and have been carried and comforted by their Angels and loved ones and are now in a place of peace, love, and in the company of God and Angels and all Light beings. We pray and send healing light to all those who grieve so they may find calmness and consolation. We pray and send healing and blessings of light to all Earth Angels, that can provide help and support and be of service at this time.

Now we give thanks to God and the Angels for the blessings of love, comfort, peace and healings received. And so it is. Amen.

You can also use pieces of this meditation as a Prayer. Every Prayer counts.

Angel Blessings,

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