The Supreme Ritual Of The Magician

The Supreme Ritual Of The Magician Cover
Issued by the Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn (Novus Ordo Aureae Aurora) By Sir David Cherubim (Frater Superior Chief) Copyright (c) 1989 e.v.


1. This is the Supreme Ritual of the Magician.

2. It is a Self-Initiation Rite designed to assist the Magician in his sacred endeavor to accomplish the Great Work of creating his own Destiny, of performing his own True Will.

3. Itis not a Work of Invocation in any general sense, but rather is it a Holy Rite of Dedication, a method and means to the higher realization, a ceremonial consecration of the Magician to the performance and accomplishment of his Great Work.

4. It is to be performed during any hour, as may befit the Will of the Magician, in accordance with the inspiration of the intuition of his own Holy Angel.

5. The Holy Temple, wherein to perform this Supreme Ritual, should contain a Magick Lamp, a Magick Sword, a reproduction of the Stele of Revealing, and a double-cubed Altar withWand, Cup, Dagger and Pentacle upon it. The Altar should also have upon it the Holy Oil of Abramelin, a Thurible, and the Magick Bell.

6. The Magician may be robed as he may deem fit, for this Supreme Ritual of Magick.He may, if he so will, wear a Magic Crown upon his head, with other embellishment of sacred significance adorning his dress.

7. Before performing this Supreme Ritual, the Magician should thoroughly banish in his Temple by the proper magical method, making utmost sure of its effectiveness by whatever means necessary to that essential end.Let him then apply the Holy Oil to his body, consecrating himself to the Great Work.He may then compose the Magick Circle of Protection.


The Magick Circle

1. Let the Magician arm himself with his Magick Sword, advance to the East of his Temple, and let him point it toward that particular direction with the fierce valor of a mighty warrior about to engage himself in battle, and let him say:

By the Might of this Sword of Power
I will accomplish my Will this hour!
To make around me a Magick Circle
To protect me in thisHoly Battle!

2. Let the Magician now draw in the air a Magick Circle with his Sword, moving in a clockwise manner.Let him return to the Centre of his Circle, and halt there.

3. Let the Magician, armed with his Sword, now say:

This is my Sword,
The Mightof the Lord!
It is the force of my soul,
The flaming Word of mine Angel
By which I protect myself from evil,
In the Centre of this Magick Circle
Which surrounds me in this Holy Temple
Where I stand, and all things tremble!


The Lesser Invocation

1. Let the Magician now give theSign of Horus, and say:

Hail to Thee, Thou God of Might,
Horus, Thou Son, Thou Lord of Light!
Hail to Thee, Whom I adore,
Thou Supreme and Hawk-Headed Lord!
Thou, Whom I do invoke this day,
To witness mine Oath, my chosen Way!
That I may do my Will which is Thine,
By this, Thine own Magical Sign!

2. Let the Magician now retire in the Sign of Silence.


The Supreme Oath

1. Let the Magician, armed with his Sword of Might, in the center of his Circle,strike once upon the Bell as if to call the attention of the whole Universe.Let him then say:

This is my Oath, this is my Will,
By which I exercise my magick skill!
I swear before Thee, O Thou Mighty One,
To perform the Four Powers of the Sun:
Knowledge, Courage, Will, and Silence;
With force, skill, devotion and reverence!

To conquer in this Battle of Thy Holy Order,
To Go upon my Way with Thy sacred armor!
So that I may attain to the Glory of Thee,
O Thou blessed All, Inner Self of me!

2. Let the Magician now strike once more upon his bell. He is now prepared to consecrate his Magical Weapons to his Will, and mystically arm himself with them for the Holy War.


The Weapons of Art

I. Let the Magician first arm himself with his Magick Wand, saying:

This is my Will, this is my Wand,
By which I uplift my soul into The Beyond!

2. Let the Magician now arm himself with his Magick Cup, saying:

This is my soul, this is my Graal,
By which I understand mine Holy Angel!

3. Let the Magician now arm himself with his Magick Dagger, saying:

This is my intelligence, this is my Dagger,
By which I banish the illusions of danger!

4. Let the Magician now arm himself with his Magick Pentacle, saying:

This is my body, this is my Pentacle,
By which I achieve my Will Invincible!

5. Let the Magician now arm himself with his Magick Lamp, saying:

This is the Spirit of mine Angel Supreme,
Radiating Light, illimitable and keen!


The Spell

1. Let the Magician, mystically equipped with all his Weapons, now pace counter-clockwise the Circle of his Temple, five times, giving the Sign of Horus on passing Boleskine 418, so as to project the Holy Force that radiateth therefrom.

2. Let the Magician now give the Sign of the Pentagram, with arms and legs outstretched, and head made erect.Then let him say:

O all ye elements
Of the Fallen Kingdom,
I stand above ye
In the Abode of Freedom!
Therefore I say
On this most holy day:
Hear me, and make all
Spirits subject unto me:
So that every Spirit of
The Firmament and of the Ether,
Upon the Earth, and under the Earth,
On Dry Land, and in the Water,
Of whirling Air, and of Rushing Fire,
And every Spell and Scourge of God,
The Vast One, may be obedient
Unto me!

3. Let the Magician now arm himself with his Magick Sword, invoke a Blazing Star in the East, South, West and North, and then let him return to the Centre of his Circle, and there let him say:

By the Force of the Pentagram,
The Star of Flaming Fire,
And armed with my Weapons
I go forth to inspire,
To cast this Spell, this Will
Of mine, my soul's aspiration
To the Divine!

4. Let the Magician now say:

This is my Magick,
My Holy Art Theurgic,
This Spell of mine,
This command divine,
By which all things
Are subject to my
Will's design!


The Greater Invocation

1. Let the Magician now light the Holy Incense, arm himself again with his Magick Sword, and invoke the Lord Horus, saying:

I invoke Thee, Lord Horus,
Crowned and Conquering,
To be Thou in me, and I in Thou!
Come Thou forth unto me,
O Thou Mighty and Vast One,
That art the Lord
Of the Aeon, The Son,
The Supreme and Terrible God
Who makest the Gods and Death
To tremble before Thee,
And Whose Law is
Do What Thou Wilt!

By Thine own, Thy secret
Name -- Hoori, I invoke Thee,
To be Thou my Sword,
My might, and my Lord!

Come Thou forth unto me,
O Thou God of War and Vengeance,
That I may conquer in Thy Name,
With this, mine own
Holy Sword of Flame!


The Holy War

1. Let the Magician, still armed with his Magick Sword, go forth to battle in all four directions, that is, East, South, West, and North, by thrusting his Sword in each direction as if to battle off his enemies.

2. Let the Magician now return to the Centre of his Circle, still armed with his Magick Sword, and let him say:

By force, and with courage,
I will accomplishthis War
To rule the elements
With subtle vigor!

I will fight to the End
And truly ascend
To the Height of Freedom
In Holy Union!

I will be crowned with victory
In this Battle of Tribulation!
And attain the Great Work
Of a Warrior-Magician!

I will conquer the worlds
With this Sword of Force!
It is dared and done,
This Magick of Horus!

3. Let the Magician now say:

In the Name of the Word
of the Law -- Thelema,
As I will, Abrahadabra!

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