Elemental Talismanic Magick

Elemental Talismanic Magick Cover
by Frater Almost Ist Degree

The following is a crude outline which can be used to create a talisman based upon the Enochian system of Elemental ТKeys.У It is very important to remember that the Enochian System, while highly flexible in itХs usage, is still perhaps THE most potent magical system in existence today. (I could be wrong, but heyЙ. Better safe than sorry, right?)

If you find this particular system appealing to you, feel free to use it as you will. If, however, you are a strict Enochian purist and dislike my simplified method of opening the spheres, feel free to modify this system to your own likingЙ. After all, magick is a subjective science and we, as magicians, can not afford to be too pre-disposed to our own little theories and practices.

I) Banishments.

A) The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.
B) The Lesser Banishing of the Hexagram.
C) Any purifications or consecrations that suit your will.

II) The Raising of Pure Magical Energy. (Building Magical Momentum)

A) The Opening by Watchtower.
B) Any similar ritual as the Opening by Watchtower which is designed to raise a ТvortexУ of energy for the magicianХs usage of and working with.

III) The Opening of a Sphere.

A) Remember.

Always call the spirits to you in this particular fashion of working.

B) Use East for Air, South for Fire, West for Water, and North for Earth.
C) Use spirit pentagram active or passive and the names of ТAHIHУ or ТAGLAУ respectively. Also use the Enochian name of the Element being used.
D) Use the Invoking pentagram of the particular element with the God name ruling that element and the name of the Arch-Angel.
E) Use a preliminary invocation involving the Three Names of God upon the coresponding Banner and the name of the King set over the Element. This is very subjective and it is suggested that the Invocations given in Liber LXXXIX be used here.

IV) The appropriate key is given.

A) Use the appropriate key coresponding to the element that you are working with in order to fully conjure forth the desired elemental powers. If you will, you may use the English equivalent of the keys so as to save time and/or sanity.
B) Pause for a minute or two to feel the invoked force and, via visualization, circulate the invoked element throughout your body of light.
C) Declare that the spirits of the element have been duly invoked.

V) Consecration of the Talisman.

A) Move behind your altar and face the quadrant that you are working with. In the center of the altar should be your talisman/amulet and it should bear upon it all of the appropriate sigils, runes, etc.
B) Lifting the talisman from the altar, hold it so that the front (?) of it is facing the quadrant previously invoked. Hold it on high and visualize the energies previously drawn into your sphere as flowing through yourself and into the Talisman. Here you must now state the purpose of the Talisman 10 times.
C) Once your talisman ТfeelsУ charged, place it back upon the altar and, using your banishing dagger or your right index finger, trace above it a large, invoking earth pentagram while vibrating the God-name set over the element you are working with. Do this exactly 10 times.
D) Place the talisman in a bag and set it to the side of the altar that your coresponding elemental tool is near.

VI) Closings and further banishments.

A) Close the sphere by tracing the appropriate banishing elemental and spirit pentagrams with the previously used God- names.
B) Do the Closing by Watchtower or some other closing which will allow all stray or lingering energies to discipate.
C) Do the LBRH.
D) Do the LBRP.
E) Close the temple in your normal fashion.

* * * * * * * * *
Notes: The advantages of creating an elemental talisman as opposed to a planetary one are quite obvious:

1) You donХt have to worry about magical days and hours.
2) The system used can be adapted and changed for even higher and more enlightening works.
3) It is much more efficient and rapid (in my opinion) than having to go through the Golden DawnХs rigermorole of ТHaving passed the gate of the West thou, O creature, ТThou art now blahblahblah

The disadvantages to this system are:

1) The forces, being elemental in nature, are less focused when it comes to specific purposes. Thus, there is always an element of ТsurpriseУ when one makes an elemental talisman.
2) Enochiana must be studied thoroughly before one can use this system. Sure you can use the English equivalent keys but whereХs the fun in that?
3) Yes, depending on the lunar phase, you must either make it a talisman or an amulet. No doing this on the New or Full moons!

Further Notes: I have used this system and have recieved very positive results from my workings. Already the system is known to work (in my opinion at least) and the talismans created have benefited many of my friends and colleagues.

Suggested e-books:

Steven Ashe - The Picatrix The Goal Of The Wise Planetary Talismanic Magic
Benjamin Rowe - The Essential Skills Of Magick

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