The Mysteries Of The Kings Chamber

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I started out, on a hunt for some information to verify and date the "Black Pullet" and write an article on here about it. What I ended up discovering is something more interesting, at least I think so.

We are all familiar with the Great Pyramid of Giza, the nice beautiful structure that held the remains of the Pharaoh Khufu. Well one thing that is not as well known is the mysterious conditions inside the Kings Chamber. Many famous people have had interesting happenings while experiencing alone time in the chamber. Names like Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Aleister Crowley, and Paul Burton show up regularly when describing the incidents. The Layout of the Pyramid As you can see the Kings chamber is located past the grand Gallery and above the Queens chamber and Subterranean Chamber. With Relief Chambers above it. It lies in the heart of the pyramid and is the main attraction of the place.


Napoleon ventured into the Pyramid after the "Battle of the Pyramids" in July 1798. While inside the pyramid he roamed to the King Chamber where he spent sometime alone. How long we are not told, and why he wanted to be alone is not mentioned. What we do know for certain is upon leaving the pyramids, his fellow associates noticed that Napoleon was not right. He looked shaken up and distressed.

They continued to ask him what had happen and if anything "Mysterious" had happened while in the Kings Chamber. Napoleon most likely fearing that he would not be believed or better yet thought of as crazy, replied "no Comment". For years the topic was left untouched until on his death bed, his friend by his side asked Napoleon what had happened that day in the Kings Chamber. As soon as he started to tell him he stopped, stating it "was of no use now you wouldn't believe me".

What did Napoleon see that day? We never know, there are people and references that point to hints and thoughts that he might have saw what was his destiny. Others believe more elaborate suggestions, but the truth is we will never know now.


No Text is found to have proof that Alexander the Great did stay the night or visit the pyramids of Giza, it was assumed do to the popularity of the pyramids that he would have done so..... yea when I found this out I was a little upset myself....


Crowley spend time in the kings chamber on the honeymoon of his marriage to Rose Kelley. During the night, he wanted to impress his wife and show his strength in magick. Here is an excerpt from his autobiography.

"The King's Chamber was aglow as if with the brightest tropical moonlight. The pitiful dirty yellow flame of the candle was like a blasphemy, and I put it out. The astral light remained during the whole of the invocation and for some time afterwards, though it lessened in intensity as we composed ourselves to sleep. For the rest, the floor of the King's Chamber is particularly uncompromising. In sleeping out on rocks, one can always accommodate oneself more or less to the local irregularities, but the King's Chamber reminded me of Brand; and I must confess to having passed a very uncomfortable night. I fear me dalliance had corrupted my Roman virtue. In the morning the astral light had completely disappeared and the only sound was the flitting of the bats." Interesting enough, shortly after rose was in a trance and instructed Crowley to meet Aiwass and receive the book of the new AEON... making a longer story short.


Many scientist have thought the granite construction would hold residue energy and even possibly be used as a radio receiver. That being said, they have also discovered radioactive material down below the queens chamber. Those two put in combination may inadvertently be the cause of the mysteries... we may never know for certain, I do wish to take a trip out there and do some research and studies myself. One day I hope I will get the chance.

Source: Constantine

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