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After being asked by several friends as to what magic, I've decided to try and define what it is. No please bear in mind that this is my own personal definition, and may or may not be shared by other witches.

Magic to me, is a way to make things happen. I realize that is a pretty sloppy definition, but let me try and explain it further. If you have ever looked at a tarot deck, you see pictures and you have some sort of rudimentary knowledge as to what each card means.
This is in a fashion how magic itself works. It is a way that the witch can bring into being entities which exist around us, on this plain and on other plans, by using the hidden energies around. I call it hidden energy because even witches do not know of all the energy that surrounds us. Magic is a method of getting a job done, not so much a tool, as it might sound. We really become to the tool for the magic. By using symbols, we bring into being these energies, and the energy manifests itself within us all. There are two poles, just like with positive and negative, male and female, like and unlike. This power that I speak of propels the universe and the world in which we live. Witches believe in two forms of energy. That which manifests itself in the male, and that which manifests itself in the female. Or the God and goddess principle, it is these two forces in which we operate. That is why you will hear of both male and female witches, as one cannot exists without the other.

Magic also manifests itself in many forms, many forms of "good" and many forms of "bad". I put the words good and bad within quotes as that is really in your own definition, I don't mean it necessarily for people worshiping the Wiccan gods and godesses as opposed to satan or set. Good magic is all up to your interpretation. Love spells by some can be called bad, and by some be called good. Magic doesn't always come from external, in fact often in never leaves your own body. Like in the middle pillar ritual where the witch seeks to walk the middle path, or more over, the balanced path. This is all done within, and is the first and foremost important on the wiccan path.

It is important to understand what magic is, in order to preform it with the desired results. For magic truely emerges from within, and not from without. Witches use the energy stream that flow around us on a daily bases, but any witch would be quick to admit that the true "power" starts within.

In short magic comes in two forms, internal and external magic. That is, you need the internal magic to work with the external magic. By external magic, I mean to tap into the other energy sources, as really magic is a form of energy. Spells, are devised to increase ones own magic, by bringing in external magic and other influences. As spells are a whole other form, they will not be covered here, nor do I want to be responsible for your own well being. If you wish to seek and discover magic or just are interested I suggest you seek out other witches that can "fill you in".

*Blessed Be*, Freyr

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