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Well, now I have completed the first lesson of 'Wicca Revealed' at the Magicka School mentioned earlier. And what do you know, it's actually pretty decent ;)

The first lesson contains a historical overview of traditions and persons, a suggested research project to learn more, and two (relatively) simple meditation exercises - including a glossary and a list of recommended reading.

The text is pretty easily understood, if a bit superficial in its overview - which is also pointed out several times, hence the research project. Having studied on my own for some time, I didn't exactly learn heaps of new things but that doesn't mean I don't intend to continue! I have a feeling that, once we get beyond the basics, my mind will be a sponge for new info :)


- The principles from The American Council of Witches are listed, and while they are very straight-forward and useful, they differ from another version of the principles that I have read only a few days ago, in one of the articles from the IBOS. (To make things even more confusing, I have in fact read the Magicka School version in an other article from the IBOS but don't ask me where it is...)

- In presenting the research project, the text points out the importance of the student forming his/her own views, and even goes on to say that that is equally important when it comes to information from the lessons. Now that, I like ;)

- In the glossary, Freya is named as wife of Woden. I'm wondering quite a lot where "that" information came from. Woden/Wodan/Odin is indeed chief of the Gods, but his wife is Frigg. See e.g. Wikipedia's article on Norse gods and goddesses.

So overall, a quite useful online course in Wicca - with a few glitches here and there that a student should be aware of. I now have about a month to continue my studies before the exam that will conclude lesson one :)

Suggested ebooks:

Various Authors - Roumanian Fairy Tales
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - El Medico Del Tibet

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