Enochian Magick And Freemasonry

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Enochian Magick also plays no part in Freemasonry. Enochian Magick has its roots in Elizabethan England with the work of astronomer and English court advisor Dr. John Dee (1527-1608) and his associate Sir Edward Kelley. Dee wanted to recover the wisdom he believed to be in the lost books of earlier times, including the then-fabled Book of Enoch, which he believed described a system of magic. During the years from 1581 to 1585, Dee, and later Kelley, performed "magical operations" involving fervent prayers to God and the archangels, and the use of a scrying stone. Kelly described what appeared on the stone while Dee made extensive notes.

A portion of these papers, concerning the Angelic Calls, Tablets and Liber Scientiae, were acquired with Dee’s library by Robert Cotton. This part was published in Casaubon’s A True and Faithful Relation. The earlier portions concerning the Heptarchy and Liber Loagaeth found their way into the hands of Elias Ashmole in 1672. Ashmole’s collection eventually passed to the British Library (Sloane MS 3188. 3677; Ashmole MS. 422, art. 2. &c.). These texts have nothing to do with the beliefs or practices of Freemasonry, nor with the original Enochian literature.

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